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It’s simple. We deliver state-of-the-art water dispensers. Vivante Water enables your team to conveniently use refillable glass bottles to serve your customers. Once we get your business set up, you will benefit from:

  • Unlimited access to still and sparkling water
  • An immediate increase in your profitability
  • An enhancement to the look of your product
  • An eco-friendly approach to business
  • Free up some inventory space!
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  • Let’s connect. Here is our contact number 1.800.795.4975, or if you prefer, send us a quick message. We will get back to you promptly. Getting you started is easy. Your business will be enjoying Vivante Water before you know it.

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About Us

Unique and Refined Water

We provide our customers the most pure and refined still and sparkling water served in eco-friendly re-usable bottles.

Vivante is a division of AquaHealth, Inc. ( Visit to see our full range of healthy beverage products. We have been servicing customers for over 20 years with the finest bottled water. By becoming a partner, you will enjoy a service that will increase your revenues, reduce your company’s carbon footprint and enhance the overall look of your product.

Vivante Benefits


  • Increase your revenue per table served (unlimited access to water to still and sparkling)
  • Eliminate the use of plastic bottles (no inventory)
  • Enhance the look of your product (refined glass bottles)
  • Our water purification equipment is made in the USA
  • We employ three manufacturing facilities, domestically, to reduce shipping costs
  • All program installation, service and preventative maintenance tasks are managed by local service partners
  • All equipment, parts, and purification components are regularly refurbished to ensure that the full useful life can be realized


    Clearfill 350 Dispenser

  • 8.5″ w X 27.25″ d X 17.25″ h
  • Two-valve dispenser – Available in Still & Sparkling
  • Slim footprint will fit in any beverage station space
  • Perfect for Bistros & Cafe’s with lower bottled water consumption
  • Just add ice to achieve 38 degrees
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    Clearfill 550 Dispenser

  • 12 1/2″ w X 25 1/2″ d X 24 7/8″ h
  • Two-valve dispenser – Available in either Sparkling & Still or Still-only
  • Portion control technology allows for dispensing 30 liters every 10 minutes
  • Chills 60 liters per hour
  • Water Dispenses at 38 – 42 degrees Fahrenheit
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Our mission is to provide customers with an earth-friendly alternative to bottled water and other healthy beverages. We are concerned with conserving today to make sure there is a future tomorrow. This is why we provide customers with customizable filtration and designer, reusable glass bottles, with near zero waste and a more efficient way to provide customers with healthy alternative beverages. Sustainability while preserving today for tomorrow makes us environmentally, energy, production and community focused.

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